Garmin Remote GPS Antenna

Brand New Includes One Year Warranty
No Longer Manufactured

Product Details

The Garmin Remote GPS Antenna (GA 30) is a replacement for the GA 29 GPS Antenna. This unit is waterproof and can be mounted in three ways, by surface, pole, or under-deck. Included is all the mounting brackets, hardware, and installation instructions you will need to operate your antenna.

Garmin Remote GPS Antenna Features:

  • GA 30 Remote GPS Antenna
    -Receive GPS Signals when Mounting GPS Unit Below Deck
  • Includes 30ft of Cable & BNC Connector
    -Can be Mounted on Surface, Pole, or Under-Deck

For Garmin GPS Models:
  • AIS: 600
  • GPS: 152
  • GPSMAP: 420/420s, 421/421s, 430/430s, 431/431s, 440/440s, 441/441s, 520/520s, 521/521s, 525/525s, 526/526s, 530/530s, 531/531s, 535/535s, 536/536s, 540/540s, 541/541s, 545/545s, 546/546s
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