Garmin nuvi 3760LMT
Refurbished Includes One Year Warranty
No Longer Manufactured

Product Details

Product # 010-00858-01

Experience uniquely personal navigation from the elegantly slim nuvi 3760LMT. It features FREE Lifetime Maps and Traffic, a multi-touch glass display, nüRoute™ technology with trafficTrends™ and myTrends™, lane assist with junction view, and hands-free calling capabilities.

Nuvi 3760LMT Features:
  • GPS Vehicle Navigation System
  • 4.3" Wide WVGA TFT Color Touch Screen
  • FREE Lifetime FM Traffic Included
  • FREE Lifetime Maps Updates
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Speaks Street Names
  • Turn-by-Turn Voice Visual Guidance
  • Preloaded Maps
    - U.S, Canada and Mexico
  • Custom POIs
  • microSD Card Slot
  • ecoRoute
  • Auto Sort Multiple Destinations
  • Auto Re-route
  • Route Avoidance
  • Choice of Route Setup
  • Where Am I?
  • Speed Limit Indicator
  • Lane Assist w/ Junction View
  • Garmin Locate
  • Garmin Lock
  • Garmin Garage Compatible
  • trafficTrends
  • myTrends
  • Photo Navigation
  • Picture Viewer
  • World Travel Clock
  • Currency & Unit Converter
  • Calculator

Key Definitions:

Bluetooth Enabled:
Bluetooth® wireless technology and built-in microphone enable you to make calls using your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

Choice of Route Setup:
With this fun and innovative feature you can customize your travel experience. Easily setup your route on the basis of time, distance or scenery. If you are in a rush you can direct your GPS to give you directions that will get you to your destination as fast as possible. Maybe you are not so concerned about time, but would like to cover less distance. Program you GPS to travel within the city, so you can minimize mileage. This function also allows you to take a less traveled route. Choose directions that are less direct, but offer you great, scenic views.

Custom POIs:
With the custom POI's function you can add additional points of interest to your GPS internal memory. Load restaurants, shopping areas, or tourist spots that interest you and may not be recognized by your system. You have the choice of either entering your custom location manually or transferring it from your computer to your GPS system with the appropriate software.

With ecoRoute technology you can use your GPS system to conserve money and fuel. When setting the route preferences the driver can select less fuel, the system will then calculate the most fuel efficient route on the basis of road and vehicle speed. This software was created with both the driver and environment in mind, so you can save money and support cleaner driving habits. This feature also allows you to customize routes by entering your cars’ fuel economy and gas prices in your area.

Garmin Garage Compatible:
Garmin Garage allows you to customize your GPS icon with fun and innovative online tools. Visit the Garmin website to view their selection of alternative icons and voices, which can be loaded into your GPS system. The icons, which range from scooters to airplanes, will replace the standard vehicle icons pre-loaded onto every device. Garmin Garage makes for a more personal navigation experience, one that allows you to create icons the whole family can enjoy. Browse through the Garmin Garage website "parking lot", find the vehicle you like most, and directly install it onto your unit or download it onto your computer.

Garmin Locate:
Garmin Locate works best when you leave your car in a large parking area. Once you park your car, hit locate on the system, type car and save. If your unit has a built in battery, you then turn it off and carry it with you during your time away from the car. When you return to the lot, turn it on and search through favorites for your car. The GPS will lead you back to the exact spot you are parked.

Garmin Lock:
This anti-theft function will help you keep personal information out of the hands of strangers in the event your system is stolen. The Garmin lock disables your unit from performing any sort of function until a 4 digit security pin is entered. Once you have this feature set-up you will have to enter your code every time you turn on and turn off your system. While this process may seem tedious, it is a great safe-guard when your GPS is stolen or misplaced.

Lane Assist w/ Junction View:
The Lane Assist feature on Garmin GPS systems guides you to your correct lane when approaching a turn or exit. Easily navigate through unfamiliar areas when viewing the lane assist page. This function also offers a view of upcoming road junctions and a bright colored arrow that indicates what side of the junction you should be driving on. This feature can be accessed directly from the main map page.

Millions of Points of Interest:
Pre-programmed POIs make it easy to find gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, coffee and more. Search by name or category near your position or near any city.

Photo Navigation:
The Garmin Photo Navigation function allows you to utilize Google Maps and Panoramio technology to help locate places of interest when traveling. When you visit you can search for "geo-referenced" images provided by Google and Panoramio. Load your preferred photos to your GPS system before you travel and then reference them when you arrive at your destination. When you select an image or "photo destination" your GPS will deliver turn by turn directions to that location.

Preloaded maps:
Your GPS system is equipped with a great selection of preloaded maps, which will help you better navigate roads in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. With this feature you do not have to worry about loading compatible maps on your own, simply turn on the device and enjoy detailed maps of future destinations.

Route Avoidance:
This function allows is also centered on the idea of creating a GPS unit that can be customized around the user's specific needs. Use this tool to avoid highways that you do not want to travel on, tolls that you do not want to pay and more. If during certain times you do not want to follow the exact GPS direction, use route avoidance to steer clear of places you would rather not cross.

Speaks Street Names:
The Text to Speech Technology utilizes speech synthesis to convert written text into speech. Speech synthesis is known as the synthetic production of human language. The computer in your GPS system looks at upcoming street text, which is being displayed on the screen, and uses its internal synthesizer to pronounce those street names. These voice prompts allow you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel. Text to speech does not utilize pre-recorded, generic audio bits. This technology allows the GPS to deliver more detailed directions, which make navigating new areas much easier.

Speed Limit Indicator:
This tool gives you up to date information on the speed limit posted on most major highways, freeways and neighborhood roads. With this tool you do not have to worry about receiving a speeding ticket, you will always know what the limit is and if you are obeying the law.

Where Am I?:
The Where Am I? function is pretty self-explanatory, it provides you with an answer when you reach that "Where am I?" moment during travel. Garmin believes this feature is imperative to safe travel because it delivers key information when dealing with an emergency. One screen will display a close up map image of your current location for quick street recognition. Another screen lists the longitude coordinates, nearest address, and nearest intersection. Phone for help, hospital, police station and fuel icons are also displayed when utilizing this feature.
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