Garmin TT 15 mini Dog Device
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Product # 010-01486-00

The Garmin TT15 mini Dog Device (010-01486-00) is a high senstitivty GPS/GLONASS receiver mounted on the top of the dog's neck to receive better GPS signal/communication. It uses 18 levels of continuous & momentary stimulation, plus audible tone and vibration activated from Alpha 100 and is compatible with Alpha 300.

The TT15 mini Dog Device (010-01486-00) is lightweight and has a sleek design, specially made for smaller breed dogs. It features LED beacon lights which are visible up to 100 yards. VIRB® control and rescue mode are the additional features the device posses.

TT15 mini Dog Device (010-01486-00) Features:
  • Dog Tracking Collar w/ Integrated GPS Transmitter & Antenna
  • Transmits Dogs Position to Handheld Alpha 320 / Alpha 100 GPS(sold seperately)
  • 9.5" to 14" Adjustable Collar
  • Rugged, Waterproof Design
  • Replaceable 3/4-inch Collar Strap
  • Dog Rescue Mode
    - Switches TT15 mini to a Two Minute Update Rate When the Battery is Less than 25%
  • VIRB® Control w/ Alpha® 100
  • Range: 4 miles
  • Neck Size: Minimum Circumference of 9.5"
  • Battery Life: 16-30 hours
  • Frequency Band: MURS
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Pack
  • Interface:
  • - - USB
  • Waterproof

TT 15 mini Dog Device Includes
  • TT 15 mini Dog Device w/ Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
  • 3/4-inch Red Collar Strap
  • Charging Clip
  • AC Adapter
  • Vehicle Power Cable
  • Contact Point Set w/ Wrench
  • Manual

Works with Garmin Models:
  • Alpha: 100
  • Astro: 320, 430
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