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Garmin gWind Wireless 2 Transducer
Brand New Includes One Year Warranty

Product Details

Product # 010-01616-00
The Garmin gWind Wireless 2 Transducer is an easy to install wireless marine wind transducer. Wireless technology eliminates running wires down the mast up to 50 feet. Accurate wind signals are sent via an ANT® connection directly to a GNX™ Wind instrument.

The transducer features a Nexus 3-bladed propeller with twin-fin technology that provides accurate TWS even in lighter air and more stable TWA. Embedded optic reading offers superior accuracy and excellent linearity. The tansducer arm has an integrated solar panel and internal solar-charged batteries that last 3 years.

gWind Wireless 2 Transducer Features:

  • Marine Wind Sensor
  • Easy To Install
  • Three-Bladed Propeller
    - Accurate TWS In Lighter Air
  • Twin-Fin Design
    - Provides More Stable TWA
  • Solar Charging
  • Superior Accuracy & Excellent Linearity

  • gWind Wireless 2 Transducer
  • Mast Bracket
  • Mounting Hardware
  • NiMH Battery
  • Documentation

For Garmin GPS Models:
  • GNX
  • GPSMAP: 7407, 7407xsv, 7408, 7408xsv, 7410xsv, 7412, 7412xsv, 7416, 7416xsv, 7607, 7607xsv, 7608, 7608xsv, 7610, 7610xsv, 7612, 7612xsv, 7616, 7616xsv, 8417 MFD, 8422 MFD, 8424 MFD, 8617 MFD, 8622 MFD, 8624 MFD
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