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Garmin GPS 15xH-F Sensor (010-00240-33)
Brand New

Product Details

The Garmin 010-00240-33 GPS 15xH-F is a versatile, high-sensitivity sensor designed for a variety of OEM applications, including car navigation, wireless communication, marine navigation and mapping. It is slightly smaller than a matchbook, weighs approximately 15 grams. This sensor has true RS-232 ports, and they offer excellent EMI/RFI performance, so you can use it near mobile computing devices and wireless communications equipment with minimal concern of interference.

010-00240-33 Features:

  • GPS 15xH-F Sensor
  • Versatile, High-Sensitivity Sensor
  • True RS-232 Ports
  • Excellent EMI/RFI Performance
  • 8-Pin LIF Flex Connector
  • Includes Wire Harness
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