Garmin Air Vent Mount

Includes One Year Manufacturer Warranty
No Longer Manufactured

Product Details

The Garmin 010-11952-00 is a mount that attaches to select vehicle air vents, keeping your GPS within arm's reach while you drive for easy viewing. It features tightening mechanism which allows you to securely fasten the mount to cradle.

010-11952-00 Features:

  • Air Vent Mount
  • Attaches to Select Vehicle Air Vents
    -Keeps GPS Within Arm's Reach For Easy Viewing & Navigation
  • Tightening Mechanism
    - Enables Secure Fastening

Works with Garmin Models:
  • Fleet: 590
  • Drive: 50, 50LM, 50LMT, 51 LM, 51 LMT-S, 52, 52 & Traffic
  • DriveSmart: 50LMT, 50LMTHD, 51LMT-S, 55 & BC™ 40 Wireless Backup Camera, 55 & Traffic
  • nuvi: 2250, 2350, 2360LT, 2455LM, 2455LMT, 2455LT, 2457LMT, 2460LT, 2475LT, 2495LMT, 2497LMT, 2539LMT, 2555LM, 2555LMT, 2555LT, 2557LMT, 2558LMTHD, 2559LMT, 2577LT, 2589LMT, 2595LMT, 2597LMT, 2598LMTHD, 2599LMTHD, 30, 3450, 3450LM, 3490LMT, 3550LM, 3590LMT, 3750, 3790T, 40, 40LM, 42, 42LM, 44, 44LM, 465LMT, 465T, 50, 50LM, 52, 52LM, 54, 54LM, 55, 55LM, 55LMT, 56, 56LM, 56LMT, 57, 57LM, 57LMT, 58, 58LM, 58LMT, 66LM, 66LMT, 67LM, 67LMT, 68LM, 68LMT
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