Garmin Panoptix PS22-TR
Brand New Includes One Year Warranty

Product Details

Product # 010-01945-00

The Garmin Panoptix™ PS22-TR is a transducer which gives ultra-clear sonar pictures of objects, structure and fish that pass below. It provides accurate information up to the range of 300 ft with an operating frequency of 417 kHz and comes with remarkable view. It has 2 Panoptix LiveVü Modes. LiveVu Forward shows the structure and fish ahead and around your boat. LiveVu Down shows below and around your boat for vertical fishing and jigging. This transducer can be mounted to trolling motor with included mounting kit.

Panoptix™ PS22-TR Features:

  • Transducer
  • 417 kHz Operating Frequency
  • Mounts on Trolling Motor
  • Range: 300 ft.
  • Provides Remarkable View:
    - LiveVü Forward: Shows the Structure & Fish Ahead & Around your Boat
    - LiveVü Down: Shows below & Around your Boat for Vertical Fishing & Jigging
  • Temperature Range:
    - Operating: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
    - Non-operating: -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)

Works with Garmin Models:
  • echoMAP™ CHIRP: 72cv, 72sv, 73cv, 73sv, 74cv, 74sv, 75cv, 75sv, 92sv, 93sv, 94sv, 95sv
  • echoMAP™ Plus: 72cv, 72sv, 73cv, 73sv, 74cv, 74sv, 75cv, 75sv, 77cv, 77sv, 92sv, 93sv, 94sv, 95sv, 97sv
  • echoMAP™ UHD: 72cv, 72sv, 73cv, 73sv, 74cv, 74sv, 75cv, 75sv, 92sv, 93sv, 94sv, 95sv
  • echoMAP™ Ultra: 102sv, 106sv, 122sv, 126sv
  • GPSMAP® : 1022, 1042xsv, 1222, 1222 Plus, 1222 Touch, 1222xsv Plus, 1222xsv Plus Bundle, 1222xsv Touch, 1242 Plus, 1242 Touch, 1242xsv, 1242xsv Plus, 1242xsv Plus Bundle, 1242xsv Touch, 722, 722 Plus, 722xs, 722xs Plus, 722xs Plus Bundle, 7407, 7408, 7410, 7412, 7416, 742, 742 Plus, 742xs, 742xs Plus, 742xs Plus Bundle, 7607, 7608, 7610, 7612, 7616, 8410, 8410xsv, 8412, 8412xsv, 8416, 8416xsv, 8417 MFD, 8422 MFD, 8424 MFD, 8610, 8610xsv, 8612, 8612xsv, 8616, 8616xsv, 8617 MFD, 8622 MFD, 8624 MFD, 8700 Black Box, 922, 922 Plus, 922xs, 922xs Plus, 922xs Plus Bundle, 942, 942 Plus, 942xs, 942xs Plus, 942xs Plus Bundle
  • Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit System

  • PS22-TR Transducer with Integrated 4 meter Network & Power Cable
  • Trolling Motor Shaft Mount
  • Trolling Motor Barrel Mount
  • Documentation

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