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Micro-USB Cable for Garmin GPS

Brand New

Product Details

The Micro USB cable for Garmin helps you get the most out of your device. Get the most out of your device using this microUSB cable to update your device software, download new vehicle icons and much more.

Micro USB cable for Garmin Features:

  • USB Cable
  • Micro-USB connection
  • Connects your Garmin GPS to any PC
  • Unlimited data possibilities for your GPS:
    - Download map & software updates
    - Create routes and waypoints
    - Transfer photos and music
    - Charges your unit while connected
  • Comparable Garmin Part # 010-11478-01

Works with Garmin Models:
  • dezl: 560LMT, 760LMT
  • Garmin fleet: 590
  • nuLink: 1695 LIVE
  • nuvi: 2300, 2300LM, 2350, 2350LMT, 2350LT, 2360LMT, 2360LT, 2370LT, 2450, 2450LM, 2460LMT, 2460LT, 2757LM, 2797LMT, 2798LMT, 3450, 3450LM, 3490LMT, 3550LM, 3590LMT, 3750, 3760LMT, 3760T, 3790LMT, 3790T
  • RV: 760LMT, 760LMT with Wireless Backup Camera
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