StreetPilot Series GPS Accessories

RAM Mount G Ball Cradle For Garmin Nuvi 200 & 700 Series
Brand New

Product Details

The Garmin RAM-HOL-GA22U high strength plastic cradle is designed to hold the Garmin StreetPilot c530, c550, c580, i2, i3 and i5 models. All cables can stay connected to the unit while in the RAM cradle. The back of cradle can adapt to any RAM mounting device, allowing you to mount your device anywhere.

Garmin RAM-HOL-GA22U Features:

  • RAM Cradle Holder
  • High Strength Composite
  • 1" Rubber Ball "B" Size
  • Includes a Set of Two Nuts & Bolts
  • Superior Shock & Vibration Isolation f/ Electronics
  • Easy Installation, Adjustability & Versatility
  • Corrosion Resistant

Works with Garmin Models:
  • StreetPilot : c530, c550, c580, i2, i3, i5
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